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Check out a variety of technical bulletins covering a wide array of topics – from Canadian Performance Guidelines, to field repair for CSP, special coatings, relining procedures, and more.

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Steel Buried Structures: Condition, Deterioration and Rehabilitation Approaches
Steel Buried Structures: Condition, Deterioration, and Rehabilitation Approaches
Field Assessment of Two Coatings for Corrugated Steel Pipes: Galvanized & Aluminized Type 2, Nov 05, 2020
Polymer Laminated Site Visit - Results
Wildlife Conservation, Enhanced Fish Passaage - Transportation Association of Canada
Aluminized Type II - Durability Standards
Aluminized Type II - Tools & Procedures
Aluminized Type II - Application Guidelines
Alberta Outdoorsman "With Friends Like This" article rebuttal
Added Longevity with Thermoplastic Polymer Coated Structural Steel Plate
Adapting European Pavement Tests to Prove Coating Performance on Steel Culverts
December 2012, City of Ottawa - Ottawa Road 174 at Jeanne D’Arc Pipe Collapse Root Cause Analysis Report
September 2012 Fish-stream Crossing Guidebook
2012 Long-term Field Investigation of Polymer Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe
An Overview of Culvert Design Procedures
White Paper Performance Guideline for Buried Steel Structures
Don’t let Corrosion Ruin Your Life Expectancy: Choose the Right Culvert for Your Site
Culvert Design for Organic Organism Passage (US Federal Highway Administration Report FHWA-HIF-11-008 HEC-26, October 2010, page 234)
Aluminized Type 2 The First 50 Years, AK Steel Corporation, Feb 2009
Hydraulic Characteristics of Fully Developed Flow in Circular Culverts - September 2009
Statistics-Based Classification of Microbially Influenced Corrosion in Freshwater Systems - 1993
A Model Study of the Hydraulics Related to Fish Passage Through Backwatered Culverts - August 2007
Velocity Structure in an Embedded Corrugated Steel Pipe Model - August 2007
Corrosion and abrasion tests on galvanized steel plate coated with Trenchcoat - 2007-02-16
Identification of the Effect of Climate Change on Future Design Standards of Drainage Infrastructure in Ontario- June 2005
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Post-fire Rehabilitation Treatments - September 2005
Condition Survey for Corrugated Steel Pipe Detention Systems (NCSPA)
Field Performance Evaluation of Polymer Coated CSP Structures in Wisconsin (NCSPA)
Field Performance Evaluation of Polymer Coated CSP Structures in New York (NCSPA)
Service Life Evaluation of Corrugated Steel Pipe (NCSPA)
Numerical Validation of an Innovative Fish Baffle Design in Response to Fish Passage Issues at Perched Culverts