• Easily installed and economical, short-span bridges up to 25 metres are constructed from various CSP shapes and sizes.

  • Vertical installations of CSP are used for protection of pilings, bridge piers, materials storage, and tower support.

  • Tough and economical, CSP is used as culverts in a variety of environments and site conditions.

  • New CSP is used for slip lining into failing culverts and sewers, or upgrading for improved hydraulics and durability.

  • CSP is the backbone of collection systems for storm water, surface water, and street wash.

  • CSP systems for economical and reliable underground detention, retention, and recharge of storm water runoff.

  • CSP continues to be a source of protection for animals, people and vehicles

  • CSP provides safe, cost-effective passage for people, animals, and vehicles.

  • Protecting water pipes, pressure liners, electrical cables, heating vents, conveyer belts and more form the elements.

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